The Draft

An Excerpt of Pastor Darshan's message on The Draft:
"The draft in spiritual terms is the call and drawing by the Holy Spirit to a man, woman, or child into the service of the Lord. If you feel a sense of purpose, a bubbling, a stirring on the inside of you that inclines you to be of service to someone other than yourself, a divine motion and rhythm and timing leading you into formation with the plan and heart of God. Drawing you into a deeper level of sanctification…You are in what is called The Draft. You are being drafted…There is a fire in your belly and in your soul that is only soothed by the steppingstones placed before you to guide you to the next point of contact or assignment. The Draft. For some they are unsure…For some they think it is too late. Some think they are too old or too young, or inexperienced. But This Draft says come follow me…come as you are. This Draft says take up your cross and follow me. Denying yourself---leaving everything behind. In the sense of leaving insecurities behind, leaving other people’s opinions behind, leaving religiosity behind, leaving old habits behind…leaving self-defeating thoughts behind, leaving self-condemnation behind-the Draft Focus forward. The Draft… Drafted into the armed services of the Lord of Hosts."